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Why do you need a Maintenance Management Software?

Work Orders scribbled on pieces of paper that are easily misplaced. Scheduling on whiteboards written in microscopic handwriting to fit it all in. Preventative maintenance reminders on assets that have been long disposed off. Overload of spare parts that you don't need and out of ones you needed as of yesterday. Records of maintenance on excel worksheets with no back up storage. Paying exorbitant amounts for complicated maintenance management software that does not adequately meet your maintenance needs. If any of the above scenarios ring a bell, you probably belong to the maintenance industry and like many others are hoping for some magic to help your maintenance management problems vanish into thin air!

Aladdin Software

Why Aladdin?

Introducing Aladdin. The Maintenance Management Software that grants all your maintenance wishes at the click of a button! And unlike Aladdin of Arabia, you're not limited to three. You can command Aladdin to fulfill almost an endless list of demands. Be it tracking and monitoring asset maintenance to optimizing production and decreasing costly downtime.

What's more, Aladdin is user friendly and requires minimal training. It's almost as easy as riding a magic carpet! Just fill in all your requirements and tell it what to do. Aladdin is also extremely flexible and can be applied in any business that owns assets. That includes manufacturing, plant, fleet, asset or facility maintenance etc. Best of all, with our unique subscription model, Aladdin is the most affordable maintenance software in the region!

Let the magic begin

Work Orders
Web Based Cmms Software

Work Orders

Every good Maintenance Manager knows that having your work orders under control is getting half the job done. And every great Maintenance Manager knows that reliable maintenance software is the only way to keep those work orders from spinning out of control. With Aladdin's Work Order module, you will always be in control. Aladdin's work orders allow minute detail including recording instructions, uploading pictures and files, estimating hours and parts required to complete the job, failure analysis, labour reporting. So when your maintenance team arrives on the job they have all the information to get the job done in the shortest possible time.

View Work Order details on one screen
Track material, labor, and other costs
Easily update Work Order status and sub-status
View Asset information associated with Work Order
Easily generate and approve Work Requests by simply clicking a button
Upload files and detailed instructions with each Work Order
Improves efficiency by helping you keep track or actual/planned costs and hours


If you thought rubbing a lamp was easy try our drag and drop feature in our Scheduling module! It's the most efficient way to schedule jobs and works like magic. Our weekly and monthly calendars are colour coded for easy reference - green when the day is less than 60% planned and red if it's over a 100% capacity. And the colour codes apply to personnel too, ensuring you never overbook staff on any day. All you have to do is drag and drop work orders to available slots on your calendar and hover over any work order to check details if you want to move jobs around. This module also keeps track of any mandatory certification that your staff requires and will not allow them to be scheduled for a job if the certification expires. That ensures job safety and prevents costly insurance liability.

Drag and drop feature to make scheduling Work Orders simple and easy
Colour coding to ensure you never scheduling more than capacity or allocate personnel not available on a particular day
One screen view of all Work Orders
Weekly and Monthly scheduling options
Keep track of certifications and alerts on expiry
Web Based Cmms Software
Inventory maintenance software


Aladdin had his magic carpet and you will have your security net with our Inventory Module, which safeguards against never running out of a spare part or risking downtime because of lack of inventory. Aladdin allows users to receive automated alerts when any spares reach minimum levels and can even auto-generate purchase orders to replenish stocks. This module helps you run your stock room at peak efficiency with many crucial features such as managing supplier and manufacturer detailed information, lead time on deliveries, min/max values and reorder points. You can generate and manage detailed purchase orders and check the quantity of parts in inventory, view any work orders using a particular part, compare prices and lead time between vendors and make informed cost effective decisions.

Track All inventory costs
Reorder items from within the system
Track stock levels
Min/Max and reorder values
Automated re-ordering
Comprehensive inventory reports
Search for parts based on multiple criteria, including ID, description, manufacturer, vendor, or quantity on hand


Abracadabra. Open Sesame. All these magical words will come to mind when you're in our Reporting module. Aladdin's reports module boasts ready-to-run reports that provide you with vital, real-time information about your maintenance operations. These include: Work Order Report, Spare Parts Report, Personnel Report, Purchase Order Report, Inventory Replenishment Report, Certificates Expiration Report etc. They are easy to run and print and perfect to be used in presentations. Reports are accessible by name, number, and keyword. You can select the information you need and preview the report before printing it.

A selection of predefined standard reports
Easy generation of reports that can be emailed regularly to others
Access to powerful data at your fingertips, which can aid decision makers with an added level of depth to their analytics
Work Order Report, Spare Parts Report
Work Order Schedule


Just like the dashboard of your car, which allows you to see all vital information at a glance, so also Aladdin's Key Performance Indicator dashboards allow you to focus on what's important to you on a single screen. With our dashboards, you don't have to sift through reams of irrelevant data and print static reports. Instead you will have a visual representation of critical, real time data that will help you make better-informed decisions. Imagine how valuable it would be to you if you received alerts on targets not being met or emergency work requests right as soon as you turn your computer on! And from there you can click directly into the issue at hand and deal with the problem immediately. Aladdin dashboards include a range of displays including a gauge, pie charts or graphs. Examples of dashboard components that you can display include: Work Order Distribution by type, Status and Skill, Work Order Scheduled vs. Completed, Pending Work Requests, Work Order Backlog, Monthly Maintenance Costs, Scheduled Compliance, etc.

Filter the data displayed
Save your dashboard configuration/layout
Refresh your dashboard manually at any time
Display global metrics or metrics for a specific department
Obtain the stock value at a glance
Obtain monthly maintenance cost at a glance
Visual representation of critical, real time data for informed decision making


Assets are the most valuable item on a balance sheet but very often receive the least attention when it comes to maintenance. Aladdin's Asset module ensures that your assets get the attention they deserve. This module is very powerful and versatile and forms the heart of our software system. In addition to entering standard information, you can customize fields, keeping it relevant to your business type.

Keep track of detailed information on all your assets
Search and filter options to quickly find assets
Alerts to draw your attention to warranty expiry and liability issues
Reduce costly downtime and gain substantial increases in asset uptime and reliability
The ability to monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics, as well as preventative maintenance schedules
Create Asset Tagging Labels for all assets within the software
Obtain work order history on any asset
Assets maintenance software

The Aladdin Advantage

Mobile Application

The Aladdin Mobile App will soon be here and it will be as good as having a genie in your back pocket! It’s packed with powerful features that make your mobile phone function as an office on the go.

With our Mobile App, maintenance crew will now have easy and secure access to critical maintenance records as they execute work orders on site. Needless to say this guarantees increased productivity, which will give your business a competitive edge.

The Aladdin Mobile App has been developed using the latest advanced mobile technology and can be accessed on smartphones and tablets (android and iOS). What’s more, our App is easy to configure and so user friendly that existing users can make a seamless transition, while new users will be experts in no time.

The Aladdin Mobile App Advantage

Schedule Work Orders anywhere: With the Aladdin Mobile App you can schedule work orders on the go – anytime, anywhere. For busy maintenance managers on the go, this is an invaluable advantage.

Approve Work Requests on the go: Likewise, authorized staff can accept and approve work requests remotely.

Access to a QR Code Scanner: Believe it or not, our app also turns your phone into a QR code scanner. So just by scanning QR Code labels (which you can directly print from our web version), your maintenance team will have unlimited access to asset information as well as any reports connected to that asset. This makes accessing, completing and closing Work Orders simple and accurate.

Upload pictures on site: Aladdin Mobile App will allow your team to upload photos from the site, giving you real time access to critical information, which will enable you to assess the importance of the issue and make immediate decisions.

Respond immediately to emergencies: While on site carrying out a work order if your crew discovers another maintenance issue that needs immediate attention, our App will enable them to send an emergency work request. A Work Order can be scheduled immediately ensuring minimum asset down time and maximizing productivity.

Update in real time: Aladdin Mobile App gives your team members the ability to update asset information on site as well as update the status of any job as soon as it is executed. This helps maintenance managers to stay on top of things, plan better and manage their team more efficiently.

Elimates paperwork: The Mobile App functions as your personal assistant, enabling you to complete all updates on site and do away with tedious paperwork. The result – a more efficient and productive maintenance department.

From the desk of the Managing Director

Welcome to Aladdin. If you’re reading this, chances are you looking for maintenance management software that can perfectly fit your business. I’m confident that Aladdin is it! It is a very unique CMMS that is adaptable across industries and size of business. Although Aladdin just recently penetrated the Middle East market, our team has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry. And we designed Aladdin with one intention – to grant all your maintenance wishes at the click of a button!

Our story is a very simple one. We realized two of the biggest challenges posed in the Middle East region; firstly, CMMS came at exorbitant prices, making them beyond the reach of small and medium size businesses. And secondly, most of the systems were so complicated that they actually discouraged maintenance departments from using them.

The maintenance department needed a CMMS that was affordable, user-friendly and yet broad based and deep enough to adequately meet their maintenance management needs. With that goal in clear sight, we set about developing Aladdin as the most accessible, adaptable and affordable CMMS in the region. We are proud to have achieved that goal and hope like our many satisfied clients, you too will soon be part of our success story.

James Allen Gantt

Aladdin Ace Team

Allen Gantt

The Aladdin team is led by Allen Gantt. Allen also has more than 17 years of experience living and working around the world - focused on entrepreneurial ventures, international business, channel partner development/management, and implementation of best practice methodologies. Allen’s core competence though lies in the software and construction industry. Allen headed Datastream, a Nasdaq traded Software Company, in Asia and the Middle East. Following which he started his own construction company building houses in Asia and Africa. With a strong background in software and property, no one understands maintenance management better than Allen and Aladdin reflects his experience in functionality and ease of operation. Allen graduated from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, with a BA in Political Science/International Affairs and a BA in French.

Priya Pinto

Priya Pinto looks after the brand Aladdin. She has over fifteen years' marketing experience working with leading multinational companies across several industries. She counts her creative streak as her strongest asset and has used that to her advantage in developing winning marketing and advertising strategies for her clients in India and the Middle East. When she is not focused on building the brand, Priya enjoys writing and filmmaking and has won several awards for the same including BBC's Global Amateur Filmmaker award. Priya completed her Bachelors in Commerce and Masters in Marketing Management from Mumbai University with distinction.

Danilo Madrigal

Danilo Madrigal is our in house software specialist and trainer on Aladdin. He is a vibrant and ambitious young man with extensive experience in software engineering. After having attained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Dani worked for various prominent software companies at which he was responsible for conducting training sessions and providing the clients with the required support for the software. Dani is essentially responsible for providing structured and logical trainings for our clients to ensure that they start benefitting from the software’s amazing features from the get go!

Milind Ambegoakar

Milind Ambegoakar heads the Aladdin Technical team. Milind is a Project Manager with extraordinary skills of a clear understanding of the core functionality that software needs to deliver and converting that into a code that magically delivers on all counts. Milind has over 15 years experience developing software for clients across industries and in over 30 countries. He oversees a team of six software engineers with strong technical backgrounds and collectively they have made Aladdin as easy to use as riding a magic carpet. Milind has completed his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), (Mathematics and Computer Science) from the University of Baroda, Gujarat, India.

Muhammad Rahman

Muhammad drives business development for Aladdin. He has considerable years of professional experience in sales, marketing and corporate communication. He worked with FTSE 100 listed Energy Producer and distributor in London for several years. Later he joined with one of the largest financial organization based in Canary Wharf, London, where he worked for seven years.

Prior to joining the Aladdin Team Muhammad worked for a top tier property developer in Dubai. He has led highly successful sales teams across the globe and has managed to close around AED180 million (US$52 million) of business in one year at some point in the course of his successful career. Muhammad has passion for excellence and business expansion through ideating and implementing market development initiatives and effective teamwork. He holds a MA Degree from Middlesex University London and MBA from London South Bank University.


Backing the core team is a dynamic in-house administrative and operations team that come from four continents and speak eight different languages.

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