Maintenance Management Software - Aladdin
28 Feb
Allen Gantt Speaks on the importance of Maintenance Management Software in hospitals at Saudi German Hospital’s Green Hospital Conference
On the 28th of February 2016, Saudi German Hospital, the largest private healthcare provider in the Middle East & North Africa region, held the Green Hospital Conference at their Auditorium in Dubai, UAE. The full-day symposium had speakers from Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and local authorities such as Dubai Municipality. These speakers were experts in their fields and shared their experience and knowledge on issues ranging from Solar Energy and Sustainable Challenges in Healthcare Industry to How Greenery in Hospital Will Help in Patient Recovery and Patient Satisfaction. SGE’s Managing Director, Mr. J.A. Gantt, was amongst the guest speakers. He was chosen to address the importance of Maintenance Management Software in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

In his presentation, Mr. Gantt highlighted that even though healthcare facilities and equipment essentially determine a hospital’s quality and safety, they are often neglected or overlooked. He emphasized that there is need to monitor and maintain the facilities with the same level of commitment and diligence that healthcare providers exude when caring for their patients.
"The vision of most healthcare providers is to provide exceptional quality of care to patients and maintain excellent health and safety standards. Now, there is no way hospitals can accomplish this without the assistance of a maintenance management software. CMMS is the life support of any hospital!" said Mr. Gantt.

Mr. Gantt used Aladdin as an example of how a hospital can cost effectively look after its maintenance and the audience was appreciative of Aladdin’s user-friendly interface that required minimal training and yet featured powerful functionality.

After the presentation, Mr. Gantt was given an award by Mr. Abbas Al Abdali., who went on to thank him for attending the symposium and empowering the participants with such invaluable information.